Practical Activity – Final Exam-

For my final activity in this class, I decided to write a blog post about whether CIS0835 should continue or be terminated.

I think that CIS0835 should continue next semester.

Computer skills are essential in the future

I learned how learning computer skills is crucial when students are freshman. Some schools in America has been using recent technology device such as iPad during the class;however, They are failing in using it in the class. The cause of failure is that most teachers and university students don’t have enough knowledge about using the device and computer.  Actually, I did not even know how to write a blog post before I took this class. I was very confused and scared at the beggining of this class because I did not have enough skills to do assignments online. However, I can write a blog post, and know how to use the another applications now. The knowledges which I aquired in this class will help me in another class.

The Benefit of Creating Life Portfolio Online

In this class, everyone who is taking this course was required to make thier accounts of wordpress at the beginning of the class. I believe that blogging enhance our writing skills and creativity. Blogging is just like education.

Education is a special need that people should have. If you imagine life without education, you will then realize how hard for someone to live, most especially in this generation. Blogging is just similar to education. In this new world where electronic gadgets have acquired dominance in the life of people, blogging has come its way to let people embrace its usefulness. Not only does blogging enhance the our writing skill, it also improves the creativity that we have. Schools are getting used of printed materials and books when it comes to teaching. But blogging enters the world of teaching in a way that it contributes its benefits to the learning of students. Blogging incorporates the way of expressing one’s self. It is a method of letting others know what you feel or what you want to say. This is very important to the learning of students since it improves the way a student thinks and writes. Writing is a crucial factor to the life of an individual. This is perfectly shown in employment. Most of the people who know how to write can speak and express what they want to say fluently. During a job interview, applicants who talk the most in a professional way are likely to win the job offer. Thus, blogging really makes sense to all people. Also, feedback from peers through blog is important. Constructive feedback from peers, together with a wider global audience, can motivate students in ways not possible in the traditional one dimensional student-teacher interaction.

I believe that the knowledge and skills which I aquired during this class will help to enhance my writing skills and skill of expression of my opinion. I hope that CIS0835 will continue next semester.

image: VSU LIR – Intro to iPad Class – Andy Brovey by Old Shoe Woman cclicesed via Flickr


1 thought on “Practical Activity – Final Exam-”

  1. I like the way you’ve expressed yourself here Eri. I think the IBE might be persuaded by this. Thank you.

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