Teaching Experience

Since I did a presentation about Internet Addiction to my classmates on March 12th, I’m gonna write a review about it.

It was not first time to do presentation to my classmates, but this was the first time to have a group discuss with. First, I read the article which is called Internet Addiction:Why you need to disconect. Then I wrote a blog post about internet addiction and the reason why people need to disconnect. I needed to do a presentation to about 8 or 10 classmates ,and have a discussion with them, but I could do that with only 4 classmates because of the delay of Chiyoda line….. 😦

The audiences listened my presentation carefully although my English skill was so bad. My classmates asked me some questions such as the the age range which the most addicted to the Internet, but I cound not answer. I should have done research on it before the presentation.

Although I cound exchange opinions with only 4 classmates, I was able to know that some of my audiences used to be addicted to online game and social networking sites such as mixi, facebook and twitter. Also, I learned that there is social netwoking sites like a Chinese version of facebook.

I could enjoyed the presentation and discussion with my classmates. Besides, It was a good opportunity to practice of public speaking.

Image: Presentation by FleurPcclicensed via Flickr


Dream Animal



The Asignment For my third ds106 assignmnent of this section, I chose the assignment which is called Design Your Dream Animal! by Danielle on the design section.  The assignment read: Create a brand new animal, using animal parts from no less than 4 animals. Be creative! When you animal is designed, create an environment for it! Have fun!

The Process

First, I went to Flickr to choose pictures of 4 animals.  After I decided the pictures, I went to Photoshop cs3. I cut the part of animal which I need for creating new image. After that, I pasted the each part of animal into a picture of lion.

The Story

I had to use at least 4 animal body parts, so I chose a lion, cat, fish and turtle. I just put my favotite animals together. After I created the image, I realized that it is so strange……

Image: Cat by  realworldracingphotog cclicensed via Flickr

Fish by Taras Kapalun cclicensed via Flickr

Lion by elPadawan cclicensed via Flickr

Mr. Turtle by Denube cclicensed via Flickr

How Do Social Networks Make Money?

How Facebook, Twitter and other sites make money or how they profit from the site they’re running?

Many people use social networking sites to keep in touch with others. they are able to e-mail, chat, play games, post pictures and more. Social networking sites seem to dominate the Web. Most social netwoking sites allow users to create thier profile for free. We tend to forget that social netwoking sites are business. They have employees and they have costs. There are several ways that social netwoking sites earn money.

1) investments from venture capitalists

One way social networking sites manage to make money is through investments from venture capitalists. These investors are essentially making a bet that the site they’re investing in will become popular and will eventually find a way to monetize that success. Getting in early can mean a huge payoff down the road. Facebook is a good example of socail netwoking sites which is managed through investments from venture capitalists.

2) Online Advertising

Online advertising is the new face of marketing and it is also considered the best way to make some money for social networks. The truth is that these sites make money through the millions of eyeballs roaming which are glued to their screens. Millions and millions of pounds are spent on advertisement on these social networks because their huge number of visitors, which at some points and times, can rival the traffic generated by some of the biggest search engines themselves. Companies want themselves to get noticed so they advertise on these websites. There is a race between different companies to appear on the popular social networking sites, so they agree to pay handsome amount for an ad on any of the popular social sites.

Another best monetization method for social networking sites is the subscription of virtual gifts. It is a novel and creative way to earn revenue from these networks and the best example for this category is Facebook Gifts. All of these gifts are not real, but Facebook allows users to send these gifts to their friends.

3) Virtual Gifts

Some of these virtual gifts are for free but you can practically personalize almost everything by paying a meager sum of $1.  This is perhaps one of the most subtle yet clever ways used by the social networks to extort money out of your pockets.

Social networking sites are a growing community, one with millions of new registered users every month, there are tons of money-making opportunities there. If you invest your time learning how to make money with social networking sites, you might be able to make money from social networking sites.

Image : International Money Pile in Cash and Coins by epSos.edcclicensed via Flickr

Article: How Do Social Networks Make Money?

Internet addiction: Why you need to disconnect

Do you ever feel like your
online life is more real than your offline life? If your answer is YES, you might be addicted to Internet.

Some SNS sites emphasize that connection with others is very important. For example, Facebook’s social mission is “to make the world more open and connected.”  Twitter “connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting.”

What is Internet Addiction?

 Internet Addiction disorder refers to the problematic use of the Internet, including the various aspects of its technology, such as electronic mail (e-mail) and the World Wide Web. There are alot of types of Internet Addiction.

1)Cybersex Addiction– compulsive use of Internet pornography, adult chat rooms, or adult fantasy role-play sites impacting negatively on real-life intimate relationships.

2)Cyber-Relationship Addiction– addiction to social networking, chat rooms, and messaging to the point where virtual, online friends become more important than real-life relationships with family and friends.

3)Net Compulsions– such as compulsive online gaming, gambling, stock trading, or compulsive use of online auction sites such as eBay, often resulting in financial and job-related problems. 

4)Information Overload– compulsive web surfing or database searching, leading to lower work productivity and less social interaction with family and friends.

5)Computer Addiction – obsessive playing of off-line computer games, such as Solitaire or Minesweeper, or obsessive computer programming.

What makes the Internet Addictive?

Why do people try to connect to others online?  The reason is obvious. Because it makes us feel important,unique,special and recognized. Also, it makes us feel comfortable.On the Internet, we can conceal our real name, age, occupation, appearance, and our physical responses to anyone or anything we encounter on-line. Internet users, especially those who are lonely and insecure in real-life situations, take that freedom and quickly pour out their strongest feelings, darkest secrets, and deepest desires. This leads to the illusion of intimacy, but when reality underscores the severe limitations of relying on a faceless community for the love and caring that can only come from actual people, Internet addicts experience very real disappointment and pain.

Why you should disconnect?

It is true that we can get alot of information from emails, RSS feeds, blogs, social networking sites, YouTube, televisions, magazines, newspapers, memos, DVDs, radio, fax machines, BlackBerrries and satellite radio. Knowledge may be power; however, information overload is anything but. It is just noisy. Also, running away from reality does not help you. It is crucial to spend a quality time alone. If you focus on you, you’ll come to understand what’s going on inside your head and be a little more present. Life might be harsh for you sometimes; however,if you’re not scared some of the time, you’re not living. No pain, no gain. It is important to embrace the chaos.

If people who are addicted to Internet succeed in disconnecting, they might be more successful and happier.

Image: ninot making fun of Internet addiction. Ninot exposition. by Marc Shadon – cclicensed via Flickr

Article: Internet Addiction: why you need to disconnect

Cooking Show – ds106-



The Assignment

For my second ds106 assignment of this section, I chose the assignments which is called Cooking Show by Jaymie on the video category. The assignment read: Do you love cooking? Why not make your favourite recipe in front of the camera? Host a cooking show in your own kitchen and show us how it’s done. We’re not all Jamie Oliver, but we can try.

The Process

First, I took a video with my degital camera while I was making  blueberry and creamcheese pound cake. When I was mixing ingredients, my mom took the video. After I took the video, I went to YouTube to uploard and edit it. I used the site which is called YouTube video editor to edit the video. First, I connected each scene to other one. Then I chose BGM from music category. After that, I wrote some sentences.

The Story

I chose this assignment because I love cooking. I used to bake a cake for my friends. Probably, it has been a year since I last baked a cake. It was not hard to bake a cake, but it was very difficult to edit the video for me. Although I access to YouTube almost everyday, this was first time to edit it on YouTube. It took 3 hours to edit it and add BGM in the video. The assignment value is just one star on the site of ds106, but it is five stars for me!

I put captions on the video, but it does not work….. I don’t know why 😦

I’m so sorry for the bad quality video 😦

Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From?



Who’s that guy behind Ron Weasley? Wait, Is that President Obama?

The Assignment

For my first ds106 assignment for this section, I decided to do a Design assignments that seemed cool to do. It’s called  “Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From? by Shannotate . The instructions read: Photoshop someone(s) (or something(s)) into a picture that isn’t supposed to be there.

The Process

First, I went to Flickr. I decided to use the image of Harry Potter. Then I went to Photoshop cs3 to edit this image. I cut out the girl who is behind Ron Weasley. After that, I went back to Flickr to find other image that can fit  for the image of Harry Potter. I found the image of President of Obama on Flickr. Then I went to Photoshop cs3 again, and cut out the image of President Obama. Lastly, I pasted the image of President Obama behind Ron Weasley.

The Story

The reason why I chose this assignment is this is on design assignments category which I have never done. Also, when I saw this assignments wich other people have done, I thought it is very interesting assignment. I think that this assignment was the most difficult one I have ever done. It was so difficult to paste the image of President Obama without erasing the shoulder of Ron Weasley, but my father helped me to paste that image. I could learn how to edit an image by doing this assignment.

These are original Images:



Image: Harry Potter et l’ordre d’afid by fid wa lstafid cclicensed via Flickr

           Dilma e Obama by Blog do Planalto cclicensed via Flickr

Who Rules The Social Web?

Group 6 decided to analyze an inforgraphic which is called Who Rules The Social Web? This inforgraphic shows that the gender balance on social networking sites. Since the number of social netwoking sites have been increasing, it is getting easy to get alot of account of social netwoking sites. My part for the analysis is the gender balance on social networking sites called myspace, friendfeed and del.icio.us.

First, I’m going to explain the three social networking sites.

1, MySpace

MySpace is a place where people can create a profile page that they can use to meet new friends. MySpace has a lot more to offer than that though.  People are able to add video and music to thier site for free. They are able to add all sorts of things to thier MySpace profile. Since they can use HTML and JavaScript in thier MySpace editor they are open to adding almost anything. With email, blogs, IM, forums, bulletins and groups people can keep in touch with all thier MySpace friends. There is a privacy setting for thier MySpace profile but that means no one can see thier profile. MySpace offere no way to allow the others to see thier profile but still keep them from emailing them and trying to add  them to people’s MySpace friend list.  It seems that people are able to keep thier privacy on this site; however, Myspace has met criticism on a range of issues, including online privacy , child safty and censorship.
2, FriendFeed
 FriendFeed is a website that allows the user to aggregate many of the information from various websites they belong in a central location. Basically this site would allow people to access your FaceBook, Digg, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr,etc… account feeds from a single location or account. The goal of FriendFeed according to their website is to make content on the Web more relevant and useful by using existing social networks as a tool for discovering interesting information. Users can be an individual, business or organization. Bloggers writing about FriendFeed have said that this service addresses the shortcomings of social media services which exclusively facilitate tracking of their own members’ social media activities on that particular social media service, whereas FriendFeed provides the facility to track these activities (such as posting on blogs, Twitter and Flickr ) across a broad range of different social networks.
3,  del.icio.us
 Del.icio.us is a free service where thousands of people store their bookmarks, enabling people to see what’s trendy and popular. Bloggers can encourage readers to add their posts, allowing greater reach for a blogger’s content. When the favorites of thousands of users are collated, trends and enablespeople to to see what’s trendy, what’s popular and what’s emerging. Bloggers can add links to their posts enabling del.icio.us users to post that link to their list of bookmarks – this can promote your links as they are getting exposure in the del.icio.us ‘recently bookmarked’ list.  Del.icio.us was one of the first major sites to use tagging, which allows users to tag their favorite bookmarks with keywords of their choice instead of having to select from a pre-defined list of categories.
As you can see from the infographic,  women tend to use SNSs more than men and for different and more social purposes. Bookmarking maintain an equal balance among male and female users. I don’t know why this is happening; however, I assume that men tend to be more “transactional” while women tend to be more “relationship-driven.”  Indeed, LinkedIn, with its emphasis on job-seeking, making introductions and gathering business intelligence seems to be the most “transactional” of the sites. The other sites tend to focus more on “friending,” sharing photos and profiles, publishing personal updates, playing casual games with each other — in other words, relationship-building activities. Therefore, women tend to use specific SNSs such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to keep in touch with other people.

Love: In Three Frames










The Assignment

When I was looking for an assignment, I found interesting one.  It is called ” Love: In Three Frames” by Martha.  The assignment read: In honor of Valentine’s Day, use three photos to tell the story of a relationship. You can use “real” photos that you’ve taken in a relationship. Or search for Creative Commons images on Flickr and find a story to tell with what you discover.

The Process

First, I went Flickr to get three photographs I needed. I decided to use these photos to tell the story of a relationship. Then I went to Adobe Photoshop CS3. I wrote some sentences on them to tell the story of a breakup.

The Story

There are several reasons why I chose this assignment. First, it seemed that it is new in visual assignment category. Second, It is related to me.  I am reluctant to share my private photographs such as family and friends, but I do not hesitate to share some stories about myself. I thought that emation is very beautiful when I got a heart broken about 6 months a go.  I can break down emotion into so many categories. For example, one of  big categories, which is sadness.  There are “missing him kind of sadness”, “sadness with anger”, “sadness with guilty” and ” sadness with the hope that he will come back to me”.  They sound very different to me, so I thought that it is a good oppotunity to express my thought by using ds106. 

Image: Four Mumffs (: by CauthneyCarmody – CClicensed via Flickr

                The Look of Love by mark sebastian CClicensed via Flickr

              differences that compliments by AraiGodaiCClicensed via Flickr