Proabably most of people may have seen Creative Common License when they visited someone’s blog or websites.

Some people think that using that license could help protect your work from being copied by other people. If you want to earn money by writing blog post, you should not use  Creative Common License. Using Creative Common License may cause more copying!

What is creative common license?

A Creative Commons license allows creators to place conditions on their copyrights. Traditionally, copyrights restrict the rights of others from modifying or distributing copywritten works. Creative Commons licenses offer flexibility by allowing the creator (copyright holder) the ability to choose what limitations they want in place with respect to specific copywritten works.

Why creative common license can hurt you

Many people think that the presence of a Creative Commons license always means free to copy and use for any purpose. They throw their work open to the world to use around anywhere and everywhere without restriction. For example, if you uploaded your family picture on your blog with creative common license, other people who want to use the picture will be able to use it for any purpose.  I think that it is dangerous because they can use it in bad ways. Also, if you created wonderful computer program and showed it online with creative common license, using creative common license means that you can not earn money.

If you use creative common licensee for the purpose of sharing something which you made, it would be useful; however, if you care about money, you should not use it.

image: creative common by AJC1 cclicense via Flickr