Since I did a presentation about Internet Addiction to my classmates on March 12th, I’m gonna write a review about it.

It was not first time to do presentation to my classmates, but this was the first time to have a group discuss with. First, I read the article which is called Internet Addiction:Why you need to disconect. Then I wrote a blog post about internet addiction and the reason why people need to disconnect. I needed to do a presentation to about 8 or 10 classmates ,and have a discussion with them, but I could do that with only 4 classmates because of the delay of Chiyoda line….. 😦

The audiences listened my presentation carefully although my English skill was so bad. My classmates asked me some questions such as the the age range which the most addicted to the Internet, but I cound not answer. I should have done research on it before the presentation.

Although I cound exchange opinions with only 4 classmates, I was able to know that some of my audiences used to be addicted to online game and social networking sites such as mixi, facebook and twitter. Also, I learned that there is social netwoking sites like a Chinese version of facebook.

I could enjoyed the presentation and discussion with my classmates. Besides, It was a good opportunity to practice of public speaking.

Image: Presentation by FleurPcclicensed via Flickr