Assignment: Choose the sentence from the first five paragraphs of Gardner Campbell’s Personal Cyberinfrastructure essay that most appeals to you. Briefly describe how and why that sentence appeals to you (one or two paragraphs should suffice – unless you need more).

I read the article which is called A Personal Cyberinfrastructure by Gardner Cambell, so I’ m gonna write about my thought on it.

The sentence which I chose is “The ‘degital facelift’ helped higher education deny both the needs and the opportunities emerging with the new medium.”

I completely agree with his idea that degital improvement bring students into the environment with fear that they will be embarassed by thier lack of skill or challenged by thier unfamiliar innovations, because I felt the same. It is true that technology have improved dramatically. Students are able to get alot of information without going to library when they write an essay, and keep in touch with alot of people who live all over the world. Some social netwoking sites such as facebook and twitter are easy to use for people who do not have technical knowlege. However, it is hard to do well in class for students who do not understand frameworks such as HTML, FTP, and CSS. The facluty should teach their students the meaning of technical terms and give tutorials on how to use the formats. Also, Students do not keep up with the speed of the improvements of technmology. I personally think that early education in critical thinking is crucial to the future of our digital world. students need to focus on physical activity and learning through creative, hands-on tasks because computer skills and programs are so easy to pick up on, that the students don’t need to worry about them right now.