The Assignment

For my second ds106 assignment of this section, I chose the assignments which is called Cooking Show by Jaymie on the video category. The assignment read: Do you love cooking? Why not make your favourite recipe in front of the camera? Host a cooking show in your own kitchen and show us how it’s done. We’re not all Jamie Oliver, but we can try.

The Process

First, I took a video with my degital camera while I was making  blueberry and creamcheese pound cake. When I was mixing ingredients, my mom took the video. After I took the video, I went to YouTube to uploard and edit it. I used the site which is called YouTube video editor to edit the video. First, I connected each scene to other one. Then I chose BGM from music category. After that, I wrote some sentences.

The Story

I chose this assignment because I love cooking. I used to bake a cake for my friends. Probably, it has been a year since I last baked a cake. It was not hard to bake a cake, but it was very difficult to edit the video for me. Although I access to YouTube almost everyday, this was first time to edit it on YouTube. It took 3 hours to edit it and add BGM in the video. The assignment value is just one star on the site of ds106, but it is five stars for me!

I put captions on the video, but it does not work….. I don’t know why 😦

I’m so sorry for the bad quality video 😦