Who’s that guy behind Ron Weasley? Wait, Is that President Obama?

The Assignment

For my first ds106 assignment for this section, I decided to do a Design assignments that seemed cool to do. It’s called  “Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From? by Shannotate . The instructions read: Photoshop someone(s) (or something(s)) into a picture that isn’t supposed to be there.

The Process

First, I went to Flickr. I decided to use the image of Harry Potter. Then I went to Photoshop cs3 to edit this image. I cut out the girl who is behind Ron Weasley. After that, I went back to Flickr to find other image that can fit  for the image of Harry Potter. I found the image of President of Obama on Flickr. Then I went to Photoshop cs3 again, and cut out the image of President Obama. Lastly, I pasted the image of President Obama behind Ron Weasley.

The Story

The reason why I chose this assignment is this is on design assignments category which I have never done. Also, when I saw this assignments wich other people have done, I thought it is very interesting assignment. I think that this assignment was the most difficult one I have ever done. It was so difficult to paste the image of President Obama without erasing the shoulder of Ron Weasley, but my father helped me to paste that image. I could learn how to edit an image by doing this assignment.

These are original Images:



Image: Harry Potter et l’ordre d’afid by fid wa lstafid cclicensed via Flickr

           Dilma e Obama by Blog do Planalto cclicensed via Flickr