The Assignment

When I was looking for an assignment, I found interesting one.  It is called ” Love: In Three Frames” by Martha.  The assignment read: In honor of Valentine’s Day, use three photos to tell the story of a relationship. You can use “real” photos that you’ve taken in a relationship. Or search for Creative Commons images on Flickr and find a story to tell with what you discover.

The Process

First, I went Flickr to get three photographs I needed. I decided to use these photos to tell the story of a relationship. Then I went to Adobe Photoshop CS3. I wrote some sentences on them to tell the story of a breakup.

The Story

There are several reasons why I chose this assignment. First, it seemed that it is new in visual assignment category. Second, It is related to me.  I am reluctant to share my private photographs such as family and friends, but I do not hesitate to share some stories about myself. I thought that emation is very beautiful when I got a heart broken about 6 months a go.  I can break down emotion into so many categories. For example, one of  big categories, which is sadness.  There are “missing him kind of sadness”, “sadness with anger”, “sadness with guilty” and ” sadness with the hope that he will come back to me”.  They sound very different to me, so I thought that it is a good oppotunity to express my thought by using ds106. 

Image: Four Mumffs (: by CauthneyCarmody – CClicensed via Flickr

                The Look of Love by mark sebastian CClicensed via Flickr

              differences that compliments by AraiGodaiCClicensed via Flickr