Hello, everyone!

I’m gonna write about Evan Williams who is an investor and CEO of twitter!!

He was born in  Clarks, Nebraska on March 31, 1972. He attended the University of Nebraska for a year and a half, but he left there to pursue his carrer. After he left the university, he started to work at a lot of various technology jobs. In 1996, he moved to California to work for technology publishing company which is called O’Reilly Media. Then Meg Hourihan and he co-founded Pyra Labs to make project management software. He invented the term “Blogger” , and made the site of Blogger which is one of the first web applications for creating and managing weblogs. When he moved to Obvious Corp, he invested Twitter. Actually, there are two people who invented twitter except for williams. According to a study by RJMetrics published in January 2010 in Computer World magazine, Twitter users have reached over 75 million by the end of 2009. The study also showed that every month 6.2 million new Twitter user accounts are created.

Actually, I haven’t known about the system of twitter and the way of using it  since I started to use it in this class. However, I became addicted to Twitter now…. hahaha   I check my classmate’s twiiter almost every 2 hours a day. I think the reason that everybody loves twitter is it’svery simple and easy to use. We can share alot of information, and put a link easily. Personally, I think twitter is better than facebook because simple is the best. 🙂

This is his twitter! @ev  🙂 

Also, I made a new image for this blog post. I found two images of Evan Williams and twitter bird on Flickr. Then I cut out only twitter bird , and pasted on his shoulder. These are the original two images.

Always Be Tweeting!!!

Images: Twitter Bird by ShekharCClicensed via FlickrEvan Williams by JoiCClicensed via Flickr

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