Here is my third ds 106 assignment which is called” Uniqlo Pioneer”.

The  Assignment

I have wanted to do the ds106 assignment which is called “Patty Pionner” by Adam since I checked the ds 106 site. It seemed very fun to do, but I changed  the instruction. The original instruction was written as: this assignment involves editing a picture of any Computer Pioneer so that it looks like they are eating/about to eat/holding a burger or similar types of fast food.   I’m working at Uniqlo Ginza store so….. I tried a jacket which is called Ultra light jacket of Uniqlo ( I’m selling this product alomost everyday) on Doug Engelbart!!! I think he looks good in this Jacket. What do you think?

The Process

First, I went to Flickr to find the photo of Doug Engelbart and Ultra light jacket. I deceided to use these photos.

After I got these photos, I went to Adobe Photoshop cs3 which I used in Image with a Message. Then I cut off only the jacket from image of ultra light jacket. I put the image which I cut off on the image of  Doug Engelbart. Actually, since I’m not  good at using computers, it took almost 3 hours to create a new image. I clicked all  buttons, and finally made it!!!

The Story

I didn’t know anything about Doug Engelbart, so I decided to investigate about him.  He is known as “early computer and internet pioneer.” His main invention is the computer mouse! Since I have been  using a mouse when I use computer at my home, I was really surprised!  I think that it’s gonna be a good combination between Doug Engelbart and the Ultra light jacket because he is a pioneer of early computer and internet, and Uniqlo is a pionner of making a good quality product with low price.

Image: Doug Engelbart by hyoga CClicensed via Flickr, UNIQLO down jacket by typexnickCClincensed via Flickr

Information Source: lbiblio